House of Darcy Agency was founder in 2018, by Sipie Groot. Being a mother herself, with a background in online marketing and social media, she developed a one-of-a-kind success strategy to launch global brands in Europe.

This formula was applied to launch Hegen Ltd. in The Netherlands in 2020. After 1,5 year, Hegen is now entering the top 3 of best-selling babybottles. Unique to our approach is the use of influencer marketing. With a vast network of over 100+ micro and macro influencers, our online presence is strong. Hegen quickly grew to 10K subscribers on Instagram, with countless shares and tags daily.

Apart from our focus on online marketing, we have an impressive database of 250+ kids stores and daycares in The Benelux. With our strong relationships to their buyers, we are confident that they are happy to add your brand to their collections.

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